Schedule and Overview

Friday, September 28, 2018


1.00 pm   Formal Welcome

2.00–6.30 pm   Workshop – Masterclasses for Brass

7.30 pm  Opening Concert with Jörg Brückner and the Positively Brass & Percussion Ensemble of the University of Trossingen, direction: Hannes Krämer (Entrance is free for participants.)


Saturday, September 29, 2018


Exhibition of instruments (whole-time)


8.30–9.15 am  Warm up

9.30–12.00 am  Masterclasses, individual lessons

10.00 am  Welcome for percussion

10.00 am–7.00 pm  Workshop for Percussion

1.00 pm  „What is new?”. The instrument makers introduce their business.

3.00–6.00 pm  Masterclasses, Individueller Unterricht

6.30 pm  Drawing of lots to determine order of competitors

7.00–8.00 pm  Lecture with Prof. Klaus Schuhwerk: „Der freie Klang“. Singing - breathing - doing


We will spend the evening at a local restaurant with German folk music.


Sunday, September 30, 2018


Exhibition of instruments (whole-time)


11.00 am –1.00 pm  Masterclasses, individual lessons

1.00 pm  Photo Shoot of all participants

3.00–5.00 pm  Masterclasses, Individueller Unterricht

6.00 pm  Concert with the Slokar Quartet and the SeppDeppSeptet



Monday,  October 1, 2018


9.30–10.30 am Lecture with Andreas Winter: „... but, what if I kicks“.  Learning from Failure

1.00 pm  Positively Brass Solo Competition (There is the possibility to rehearse with the accompanist.)

Prizes will be awarded immediately after the competition.